Her launching in May 1927 was a great day in the history of the Cayman Islands," Miss Annie Huldah Bodden, secretary (until 1947), Cayman Islands Motor Boat Company.

CIMBOCO - so named for her owner -- was the first locally built, motorized sailing ship in Cayman. For twenty years, she was Cayman's connection to the world, introducing regular travel, shipping, and parcel post, and providing the first reliable supply of staple and exotic foods, such as flour, sugar, fruit, and even ice!

In Miss Annie's words, "CIMBOCO was the Islands' Life Line" in exciting and changing times. Along with brave captains and crew, the credit for the ship's success belongs to master shipbuilder Capt. Rayal Brazley Bodden and Dr. Roy McTaggart, both legendary contributors in the history of Cayman. This Restaurant celebrates one of their great achievements.

Come Celebrate CIMBOCO. Enjoy exciting & fun dining from the heart of these Islands, with "New World" flavours, "Old World" value, and a good time you can count on, time & again!